Professional Dental Laboratory Services

  • Cobalt Chrome Devices: Precision fitting dentures which are strong and thin for a close fit.

  • Precision Attachment Dentures: One option used to stabalise a denture providing patient confidence.

  • Implant Retained Dentures : Available as both full & partial dentures, a great way to hold dentures tightly in position, but also allowing the denture to be removed for cleaning purposes.

  • Screw Retained Acrylic Bridges: Commonly known as All-On-4, this option is becoming increasingly popular and provides excellent asthetics and functionality.

  • Tanner & Michigan Splints: Aids pain reduction from temporomandibular joint and bruxism problems.

  • Also available:Essix Retainers, Bleaching Trays, Sports Mouthgaurds, Bite Raising Appliances and Anti Snoring Devices.


Full & Partial Dentures


We offer a range of dental devices and can provide life-like full and partial dentures which are crafted using only the highest quality raw materials. We offer a choice of gum detailing including colour staining using techniques such as Enigma colour toning to Annax gum composite build up. Each individual tooth can be stained to show detailing making every denture we produce blend into an individuals natural characteristics.

Screw Retained Implant Bridge (All-On-4)


All-On-4 cases are becoming ever popular due to the high quality end result. Every aspect of this appliance from aesthtics to functionality, provides the patient with the ultimate end result. We are commited to working closely with dentists for all cases and believe that good communication and teamwork combined with the talent of our technicians results in happy patients.

Denture Repairs

We offer a superior denture repair service to our dental practitioners and the general public. Free parking and waiting room facilities are available.

Denture Cleaning

Have your dentures lost their sparkle? Why not try our denture cleaning service.

Practice Delivery  

We deliver and collect lab work across the North West and offer a Freepost service nationwide for all lab work recieved.